Settlement Guide for Sellers

Balance due on house plus down payment funds held in escrow pending the closing. $______
Property tax and other escrow funds accumulated by your mortgage lender (paid at closing or mailed within the week). $______
Utility deposits held by gas, electric, water, telephone, cable, or other utilities (from the utility). $______
Prorated refunds on prep aid service contracts (usually for heating and/or cooling systems). $______
Prorated portion of paid-up property taxes. $______
Prorated mortgage interest for payment made during the current month (from lender, if applicable). $______
Rebate for fuel remaining in storage tank (usually fuel oil or propane). $______
Other payments. $______
Total Due Seller: $______
Brokerage commission is the previously negotiated fee for selling the home. $______
Escrow or legal fees settle attorney's or escrow firm's charge for preparing. $______
Document preparation fee may be included with the above item. $______
Recording and notary fees - $5 to $50 - are sometimes included in overall charge from the settlement firm. $______
Title Search and title insurance are separate charges that may be paid by either buyer or seller. $______
Transfer taxes are local taxes on the real estate transaction, if any. $______
Survey and inspections for termite or other special inspections that you've agreed to pay for. $______
Repairs you've agreed to pay for. $______
Discount points if you subsidize the buyer's interest rate by paying a lump-sum fee to the borrower. $______
Balance of any indebtedness secured by the property. $______
Other charges. $______
Total Paid By Seller: $______