Home Sale Details

There are a myriad of legal details involved in selling your home. Your sales associate can assist you in working through the process.

As part of the contract process, you must prove to the buyer that you have clear title on the home- that you own the property and there are no legal claims against it. Through a title Search, proof is provided by:

The insurance company may Search the title through the owner's policy of title insurance. Either the buyer's insurance company or your own may conduct this.

The abstract is a condensed history of a title to a property and a certification by the abstactor that the history is complete and accurate.

The certificate of title is reviewed by your attorney who Searches the title and issues an opinion that the title is clear.

In some parts of the country, the Torrens system is used as a means of registering property. At closing, the duplicate Torrens certificate of title is turned over to the buyer.

Be prepared to convey the property with a deed- a legal document that transfers the title (or ownership rights) of the property to the new owner. Most buyers will require a general warranty deed, in which you guarantee that no one will bring a claim against the title.